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How to bypass the Kahoot Namerator

 I'm fairly certain nobody actually reads this, but I just cleaned up and published one of my old projects. It allows you to pretty easily bypass Kahoot's "Namerator" feature and set your own name. For those unfamiliar, the Namerator forces you to use a randomly generated name like CrazyTiger. Anyway, the generation code is all run on your computer and it isn't checked on the server, so it's pretty easy to bypass. For step-by-step instructions, go to easrng.github.io/kahoot-namerator-bypass.

It looks like this:
A screenshot of the Kahoot Namerator. It has a title that says 'Your Nickname is...' and then a spinner with example nicknames and a selected nickname. Normally this would be something like CrazyTiger, but in this screenshot it has been changed to Testing. Below the spinner is a button to spin again and a button to join the game.